Big or small: Renewable Newstead knows energy costs count and is striving to reduce these as part of the project.










Will the Renewable Newstead project cut your household or business energy costs? And how will it work anyway? And what does hosting solar panels mean?  Do you need to pay for them or just host them? And what’s in it for you either way? On Thursday, April 20 from 5.30-8pm, we’ll be answering these questions at an information night for locals at the Newstead Community Centre.

We’ll have an update on the project. We’ve also been busy analysing the likely impact on the energy costs of different sorts of households and businesses in town if they choose to opt in to our project. We’ve asked some households & businesses to share their current energy costs and circumstances to provide real demonstration of likely impact. Included are single, family & couple households, plus pensioner, working and self-funded retirees.

We’ll serve a light tea at 6pm so RSVP to Gen Barlow on 0427 762633 or email Gen at