Not sure what some survey questions are asking? These tips will help.

Remember, you can’t make a wrong choice.

Why this survey?

RN’s preferred partner for delivering locally generated renewable energy is Diamond Energy (DE). DE needs this info to help ensure the sums add up to do this.

Grab a recent power bill. You’ll need it to find answers to some survey questions, e.g. what’s your average daily power use (Q10)?

What is a National Meter Identifier (NMI) & where do I find it on my power bill?

Your NMI is the number that identifies the power meter at your place. Look on your bill under total electricity charges. It’s a long number – usually 11 digits.

What is my feed-in-tariff?

It’s the $ you’re paid for the solar energy you generate (if you have solar panels). Check the c/kWh. Premium is 66c/hWh, transitional is 25c/kWh. Anything else is standard. If unsure, tick standard.

Which direction does most of my roof face?

Tricky huh? Use this map to guide you.

Where do I find my average daily power use on my bill?

Here’s where it is on an Origin bill. Some bills also include a graph like this one here.

Newstead Local Solar Discount, Newstead Local Solar Rate or Newstead? What the???

If unsure which option best suits you, tick option B. That’s the one that favours a solar park, the best collective outcome for all of Newstead.

Uh-oh! Think you’ve made a wrong choice.

Click back if you can but if not, keep going.

What happens next?

Diamond Energy will come back to you with an offer & Renewable Newstead will also call the community together to discuss what’s next. Subscribe to our Mailchimp newsletter at to find out when.

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Renewable Newstead subscribers

Want a solar park for Newstead? Renewable energy for all – regardless of income? Then at least 448 Newstead households need to complete a survey. Help make it happen. Grab your latest power bill & go to & do the survey. Deadline: March 23 Don’t have internet? Prefer a paper version? Need help? Call Gen 0427 762633