160 people attended our Feb 11 community gathering to hear retailer and renewable energy generator, Diamond Energy, present on how it could help Newstead switch to 100% renewable energy. Now we have to show them we’re serious.

We have 560 households in Newstead. Diamond Energy wants at least 448 of them to complete a survey to help them do the sums. And there’s a deadline … March 23…so get cracking. Go here to do yours. And remember, you’ll need your latest power bill.


  • An energy audit of your home valued at $150 from our local Enviroshop
  • Invite all your pals around for a BBQ with a $150 voucher from Newstead Meat Supply
  • Take your friends to dinner at Dig on a $150 voucher
  • Stock up your pantry with a $150 voucher from the Newstead Bakery & Supermarket


Each week starting Monday February 26th one lucky survey completer will win one of the above. We’ll announce the winner in our Renewable Newstead newsletter that will hit your inbox every Wednesday. Make sure you’re subscribed to receive it.

Don’t have a computer? Need some help?

No probs. Each Wednesday and Saturday drop in to see Frank Forster at the Enviroshop at 49 Lyons St between 10am-midday. Frank will do the survey online for you. Remember to take your most recent power bill with you.


Drop into the Newstead Rural Transaction Centre at the following times and either Genevieve Barlow or Don Culvenor will be there to help you. Don’t forget to bring a power bill.

Friday Feb 23, 3-5pm
Friday March 2, 3-5pm
Friday March 9, 9-11am
Friday March 16, 9-11am & 3-5pm
Friday March 23, 9-11am & 3-5pm

Ummm … which survey option will you tick?

At the end of Diamond Energy’s survey, you’ll be asked to tick an option that suits your household best. Which you should tick if you favour:

Option A.  Buying green energy from the grid = Newstead local solar discount

Option B.  A local solar farm = Newstead Local Solar Rate

Option C.  Installing solar panels and storage batteries = No upfront cost solar/battery offer

Or a combination of A & C or B & C

Why we love option B the most?

Building a local solar farm (option B) is the lowest cost way for Newstead collectively to get to 100% renewable, but it will take 12 months or so to build. It means the greatest benefit is shared by all.

Buying green energy from the grid (option A) just means we can get on with Newstead transitioning to 100% renewables straight away – we don’t have to wait for local solar farm to be built.

Rooftop solar and batteries, plus solar farm (option B & C) means we can start rolling out local solar on rooftops asap. This costs more collectively than building a local solar farm. Then again the people who opt for solar and storage at their places (no upfront fees) would get the added benefit of storage in black-outs.


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