The transition to renewable energy for communities across Victoria is about to accelerate with our flagship Victorian project “Renewable Newstead” seeking Expressions of Interest from the market to identify project partners and refine our plan for transitioning our town’s grid power supplies to 100 per cent renewable energy.

We are calling for innovative, agile and credible suppliers of solar power, energy efficiency and energy services including retail (metering and billing) partners who are fully committed to a new energy market built around local renewable energy supply.

In time, we also see battery storage and electric vehicles playing a major role in our energy supply.

Our work has been funded with a $200,000 grant approved by the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio.

Supplying Newstead with 100 per cent renewable (grid) energy will require 1.7MW of solar power. This is likely to involve significant fuel switching, away from wood and bottled gas to electricity, combined with energy efficiency improvements to homes and businesses.

One of the challenges to project success will be delivering integrated energy solutions across the town, with enough hip-pocket savings and feel good factor to drive 100% take up.

We see our project as being at the forefront of an energy market in transition, away from centralised fossil fuels to local renewable energy supply and we’re offering brand value and bragging rights on offer to project partners.

Renewable Newstead has been working with local distribution business, Powercor, to understand energy load profiles across the town, constraints to investing in local renewables, and how future tariff structures may enhance or hinder project viability.

While only 30 per cent of all energy generated from 1.7MW of solar would be used within the township of Newstead, assuming no change to the town’s load profile, about 70 per cent of that would be consumed at peak times. This creates the potential for significant financial savings, with the right commercial model for energy supply in place.

After several months of data analysis, negotiation with Powercor and a pre-feasibility assessment, we’re confident this project has legs and broad support in the community. About 110 locals turned up for a town hall meeting in July and stayed for more than three hours to work through what the project might look like.

We are a community with a history of coming together to collectively do things that make Newstead a better place for us all to live. In five years, we hope to see the challenge of 100% renewable energy supply in the rear-view mirror.

Expressions of Interest close December 16. Download the EOI document at www.renewablenewstead.com.au

For EOI inquiries, contact Don Culvenor, Renewable Newstead +61 427 573 536