Diamond Energy is Renewable Newstead’s preferred partner to deliver 100% renewable energy to our community.

The company’s Managing Director Tony Sennitt addressed the community gathering on Feb 11.

Who is Diamond Energy?

We are an innovative, customer focused electricity retailer and generator who has been delivering renewable energy into the Australian market for over 10 years.

What does it do?

We generate renewable energy from our power plants and retail it to our customers across Australia

What are examples of renewable energy projects that DE has built elsewhere around Australia?

You can read about them on our website here: https://diamondenergy.com.au/our-energy-evolution/

What is the link between USA Nasdaq listed Sunpower and Diamond and what influence does Sunpower have on projects such as any partnership with Renewable Newstead?

Sunpower holds a minor interest in Diamond Energy with no influence on our partnership with Newstead.

Why is such a big company keen to get involved in a small community project such as Renewable Newstead? What are the benefits?

Diamond Energy supports new renewable energy generation sites in Australia, we own large and small renewable power plants. Our expanding portfolio of sites is testament to our ability to deliver.

Will Diamond Energy build a solar park in Newstead and who would own the solar farm?

This depends on our analysis and the support given by Newstead residents… the more people that complete our survey, the better the chance of a solar farm being built.

Would the panels on it be built in Australia?

Unfortunately, there are no solar panel producers manufacturing in Australia.*

*Since this event,  the Baw Baw Sustainability Network has drawn Renewable Newstead’s attention to the South Australian-based solar panel manufacturer,  Tindo Solar.      Thanks BBSN.

What will happen during winter when it’s cloudy? Would Newstead’s energy come from fossil fuel sources under a DE/RN partnership?

Diamond Energy delivers more electricity sourced from Australian renewable generators to the grid than our customers consume. By supporting Diamond Energy you are supporting the growth of more renewable energy in Australia. If it is cloudy, we will utilise our other generators

Read here for more info about Diamond Energy.

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