Renewable Newstead is a project led by volunteers who live in and around Newstead.

We are

  • Simon Beckett
  • Janet Barker
  • Genevieve Barlow
  • Miranda Bone
  • Shaun Britt
  • Michael Butler
  • Don Culvenor
  • Saide Gray
  • Mick Harris
  • Ros Hart
  • Meg Norris
  • Geoff Park
  • Dave Schoen
  • Andrew Skeoch

We volunteer skills, time and expertise in project and event management, graphic design, computer and IT skills, negotiation & stakeholder management.  RN would like to publicly acknowledge previous contributions from David Stratton, Denis Miller and Alan Davies.  To join our team, volunteer your skills and/or attend our meetings, click here.

OUR CONSULTANT/ENERGY INDUSTRY ADVISOR is Tosh Szatow of Energy for the People.

OUR FUNDING PARTNER the Victorian Government provided $200,000 to Renewable Newstead through our auspicer Newstead 2021 Inc to create a commercially viable model for renewable energy generation in small towns.

OUR AUSPICER Newstead 2021 Inc holds all grant monies for the RN project.

OUR KEY STAKEHOLDERS include (but are not limited to)

  • The community of Newstead & surrounds
  • Power distributor Powercor
  • The Victorian Government

OUR KEY SPONSOR Greengraphics donates website creation & hosting services.