Thank you to each and every one of you who completed the survey we’ve been hounding you about.

Ok, the big reveal …we had 217 responses, short of the target that Diamond Energy wanted to see, however, we think 217 responses is a fantastic show of interest and support for 100% Renewable Newstead and gives us a great platform to build from.

What the survey told us

There were two major insights at first glance.

About half the responders just wanted a simple discount on energy, and half wanted a super cheap day time solar rate. So that gives us food for thought when it comes to structuring a renewable energy tariff for Newstead.

The idea of a battery in the home has pretty strong appeal, giving people an extra sense of energy security, but we will need to make sure this can be delivered at a reasonable price.

The third, and perhaps most important, insight was that about 10 per cent didn’t answer the key question which was the final one in the survey. Many people told us they didn’t understand enough about the renewable energy options to make a choice – we’ve all agreed the survey could have been better designed!

What does this mean for a single site solar park? Or batteries in the home?

Any investment in a local solar farm depends on confidence that Newstead locals will sign up and stay on a 100% Renewable Newstead offer for the long term. We’ve got more work to do ensuring a renewable energy offer will be as compelling as it can be, and work out ways of getting batteries to people at a reasonable price.

What’s next?

Diamond Energy and Renewable Newstead are talking through next steps and thinking creatively about how best to deliver our shared goals.

Diamond Energy is reviewing the surveys in more detail, to understand what offers may work best for different households, and to develop some competitive offers for renewable power.

Once that happens, Renewable Newstead will review this offer and call the community together to gauge interest and support. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for a date and be sure to come along. Invite your friends & neighbours too. Subscribe to our newsletter which from here on will be less about the survey & more about updates on what’s happening. Or call Gen Barlow at Renewable Newstead on 0427 762633.

Big thanks to our survey campaign helpers

  • Alan Moloney for doorknocking his street
  • Louise Jiricek for encouraging kinder families to respond
  • Newstead Primary School for allowing us to talk with parents at pick-up time
  • Richard Lebenholc of Diamond Energy for ensuring our prize winners were fairly selected each week
  • Vincent Casey of Newstead for designing our survey promo brochures
  • Ryan Ford of Newstead for modifying our street sign.
  • Print Together & Legion Office Works in Castlemaine for printing
  • Janet Barker of Newstead for Mailchimp newsletter design & distribution
  • and as always, the wonderful people at GreenGraphics for website design & hosting