Newstead, Welshmans Reef, Green Gully, Muckleford South, Sandon, Joyces Creek – we need you – residents, businesses, one and all.

Tomorrow, Feb 11, we’ll be presenting three ways Newstead and its immediate surrounds could switch to 100% renewable energy.

Our community needs to consider the options and ramifications for everyone. We’ll present these. One of those ways we could switch is to build a solar farm locally.

A company that’s interested in doing this will be at this gathering to present its case. It wants to see that there’s genuine interest. So the more locals that show up, the better.

We want you there to hear, to ask questions, to tease out what’s important.

If you get a power bill and you live in and around Newstead – Green Gully, Joyces Creek, Muckleford South, Sandon, Welshmans Reef or even further – this is for you.

If you’re off-grid, already have solar, aren’t concerned about your power bills, come anyway.

And if you are keen to find out if we can do this, viably, affordably and in a way that benefits everyone in our community, come along. Starts 11am. Lunch is provided afterwards.

More info:; 0427 762 633.