Renewable Newstead has been asking residents and businesses what they’d most want from a switch to 100% renewable energy in Newstead. Unsurprisingly, the common denominator is lower power bills.

Double-income-no-kids couples, families, pensioners, self-employed retirees, renters, people with solar and without, with high roofs, low roofs and roofs facing the wrong direction for solar panels all want this. Can this project deliver? What will it take?

Come and find out at the Renewable Newstead Information Day. Sunday July 31, 1.30-3.30pm at the Newstead Community Centre. If you pay for power – wood, electricity, gas – or live off-grid or out of town but want to know how you could help us switch to 100% renewable and the feasible options for doing so, then this information session is for you. See you there.

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lower power bills - every Newsteadian wants them!
lower power bills – every Newsteadian wants them!