Renewable Newstead is a town taking charge of local energy. Newstead is aiming to be the first Australian town to run on 100% renewable energy. It will become a town where people talk and think about energy and where understanding of our usage and our energy options become widespread in the community.

Household by household we are having energy assessments to become energy-wise and retrofitting our homes, our community centres and clubs, and our businesses to make us more efficient. We are replacing older energy with cleaner renewable sources, such as solar powered hot water and solar panels.

We are also exploring the potential for Newstead to produce power locally, with the aim of generating renewable energy income for the township. A feasibility study to discuss options has been drafted for community feedback. Renewable Newstead brings multiple benefits for Newstead and district including a cleaner local environment, education and employment opportunities, and a buffer against future energy shocks. We are looking for energy solutions that are viable, cost effective and strengthen our community, and we want to have fun along the way with community celebrations of our achievements.

Renewable Newstead is partnered by Central Victorian Solar City (CVSC) and Newstead 2021. CVSC is working with the Renewable Newstead project as a research partner and is part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities program that offers incentives to local residents and businesses to participate in a trial range of energy efficiency and local energy generation products and services.

Click here to read the July 2011 Communique.



Strategic Planning workshop – Newstead Community Centre, December 2011.