Renewable Newstead is a project led by volunteers, who live in and around Newstead.

The volunteers behind this project aim to add to our community’s vibrancy by building internal and external links. We are Simon Beckett, Janet Barker, Genevieve Barlow, Shaun Britt, James Butler, Michael Butler, Alan Davies, Don Culvenor, Saide Gray, Mick Harris, Ros Hart, Denis Miller, Meg Norris, Geoff Park, Dave Schoen, Andrew Skeoch and David Stratton. Some volunteer their skills and others their time and expertise in everything ranging from project and event management to graphic design to computer and IT skills.

To join our team, volunteer your skills and/or attend our meetings, click here.

Project documents and other useful information can be found here.

Join us in our aim to shift Newstead to 100% renewable energy

Genevieve Barlow is responsible for RN Communications and Community Engagement.