The Clean Energy Council website contains some fascinating data including a breakdown, by postcode, of all the rooftop solar in Australia.


The snippet pictured here shows that the 136 installations in 3462 feed in nearly 330 kW.

If you consider that all these people use about the same amount of power directly then 3462 already has its own 660 kW power station!

Corresponding figures – for Mount Alexander Shire roughly 5 MW, for Maryborough roughly 2MW. Remember to double these figures if you want to think of all the rooftop solar as a distributed power station.

Probably the entire region, say a 50 km radius around Newstead, already boasts a 20MW power station – when the sun shines!

To make sense of this consider that in this part of the world roughly 1900 of the 8600 hours in the year have usable sunshine.

The Victorian per-post-code totals are at