To a casual glance this picture might be one. A field full of solar panels tracking the sun. It isn’t though – these are mirrors, they track the sun and focus it on to the top of the tower at the left.

So far so good. You might even have seen something like this before. At the top of those other towers, you might have seen, the intense heat boiled water and turned turbines and generated electricity.

The brilliance of the scheme in the picture, the product of Melbourne-based RayGen, is in the hot spot you find solar panels. Not the common or garden panels we put on our roofs but the highly specialised, extremely efficient type that are used in space and “like” the intense sunlight.

To find out more read their page

The bit there that caught my eye was how easily the small array of panels can be replaced when new, better panels come to market. Imagine retrofitting a whole park of panels!