In November 2011 members of Renewable Newstead presented at the Bendigo Community Power Conference.

The Community Power Conference: Australian Communities Taking Charge, showcased how regional Australian communities:

  • are developing innovative energy projects, helping to reduce local economic shocks;
  • can take practical action to hedge against rising energy prices.


The Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, in its third biennial conference on renewable energy, partnered with the Central Victoria Solar City project, part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities program, and the City of Greater Bendigo, to deliver an exciting exploration of current energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies and actions being taken by Australian communities.

This conference presented communities’ solutions to:

  • more efficient use of energy in homes and businesses;
  • more effective demand management to smooth peak energy loads; and
  • developing local, renewable energy generators embedded within the national distribution network.


The conference brought together leaders in the renewable energy industry including government, industry associations and communities which had adopted sustainable strategies built on innovative, renewable energy business models. Speakers engaged with community and municipality leaders:

  • Outlining and developing comprehensive strategies for local and regional energy sustainability (identifying appropriate business models, overcoming policy barriers, engaging your community, knowing your technology options);
  • Showcasing examples of regional communities that have already, or are in the process of putting such strategies in place; and,
  • Reviewing and developing communities’ local and regional energy sustainability policy and programs.


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Genevieve Barlow and Geoff Park presenting at the Bendigo Community Power Conference.