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Half on, half off

13 Jun 2016 | David Stratton

These four words perhaps define the Renewable Newstead project. Half on is the relationship with Powercor. This project is unreservedly “On Grid” – it is about using all those poles and wires to collaboratly share power that is generated locally and used locally. Half off is the fact that much of this generation will take…read more


A game changer?

5 Jun 2016 | David Stratton

As the Renewable Newstead project powers (pun intended!) ahead – and there will be more about that in another post – the world is also moving on. As you may know from previous posts (one, two) this writer sees that the prospect of generating liquid fuels using the CO2 from the atmosphere changes an awful lot.…read more


A fairer Feed in Tariff?

18 May 2016 | David Stratton

OK  – everyone with panels on their roof knows about the FiT (Feed in Tariff) If you were an early adopter the State Government made sure that you were able to sell your surplus solar power for at least the same amount as you paid for power – the retail price. This got solar going…read more


Pumped Hydro storage – again

28 Apr 2016 | David Stratton

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) but so does ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) ARENA has funded a feasibility study at Kidston, in Northern Queensland, in a disused gold mine which is shown in the computer simulation picture here. A preferred design has now been selected by…read more